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Good Beer Guide to Belgium (Paperback) 

“Published by Storey Books in association with CAMRA (The Campaign for Real Ale), this comprehensive travel guide provides everything the tourist needs to track down and appreciate the unique beer styles and tastes of Belgium. Webb provides complete details on hundreds of the very best cafes and pubs in all three countries.”

Great Beers of Belgium (Hardcover)

“This is the latest edition of the world famous book by Michael Jackson devoted entirely to the fabulous Beers of Belgium. Reworked with attention to the latest creations by the Belgian brewers. Full of beautiful colorful pictures. The first publication in 1991 opened the worlds eyes to these incredible beers of Belgium.” This book is highly recommended if you can find a copy.

Glass wear

Riedel Ouverture Beer Glasses (Set of 4) 

A great all around glass for tasting and enjoying biere. Riedel Ouverture glasses are top quality and made with lead-free crystal. 17 5/8 oz., the glass stands 6 3/4in H and is imported from Austria. These are highly recommended.