Biere of Spring – Maibock

Springtime brings on a feeling of refresh. The winter is gone and we start to move out of the dark winter biere and transition to something a little more refreshing and lower in alcohol – Maibock.

In April we see the Munich brewery Hofbräuhaus launch its Hofbräu Maibock or “Maybock” which is a lager in the area of 7%. Other brewers will launch their own version of Maibock, but it is worth seeking out Hofbräu. Hofbräuhaus of Munich is considered to be the “official” birthplace of the Bock style of beer. Probably the most famous brewhouse in the world was built in 1589-91 by Duke Wilhelm V of Bavaria. He started producing what in that time was described as “brown beer”. At the time, Hofbräuhaus made three styles of bock, Hellbock (a dry biere), the May (fruitier), and the Winter bock (robust).

The Hofbräu Maibock is an amber color with nice fruitiness and medium maltiness.

Take some time for yourself this spring and pick up a few of the Hofbrauhaus Maibock and refresh the palate.

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