Biere de table was launched in April of 2006 and is hosted by Chris Gillis; a beer lover, educator, and bjcp judge. He has experience working in the American Craft Beer industry and has traveled the globe sampling biere and food. The site features tastings & educational articles on styles, regions, and backgrounds of craft brewers throughout the world.

Biere of the week

Each thursday a tasting is held called the biere of the week. All the biere has been purchased through retail accounts, or accepted as samples from various craft brewers with full disclosure. The following thursday’s biere will be listed each week so you can join in on the tasting and comment your thoughts about the biere. If you choose to purchase the biere from the link to Liquid Solutions, you will be helping to support
this site.

If you are a craft brewer and would like to submit a biere for the tasting, please contact me on the contact page.

Why do you use the french spelling for beer?

The word beer has lost its true soul and meaning throughout the world in the present day. People tend to think of beer as the tastless, mass produced lager that makes up 90% of the world’s beer consumption. These beers are made purely for the bottom line with cheap ingredients, chemicals, and mass production. I prefer to use the spelling that is used in the French-speaking part of Belgium, where beer and food is part of the everyday life. It represents a more accurate meaning for the drink I love.